desktop repairs

Get computer therapy at our Computer Repair Store in Blasdell, NY . We welcome all makes and models of computers. Tell us your troubles and we will do the troubleshooting, whether it’s hardware, software, spyware, or a computer virus that’s got your system down or not up to speed. We’ll diagnose the problem.

System “Dead”.

Does your Desktop Computer not even turn on? Most times this problem is a result of a bad power supply. We stock a variety of different model power supplies and can “revive” you system in a matter of days !!

System Not Booting or Booting with Errors.

Your computer not booting into Windows? Our technical staff can determine if it’s caused by a faulty hard drive, or a software issue within Windows.

Video Lockups.

Is your screen freezing up? Is your video feedback choppy? Sometimes the solution is as simple as replacing your video cooling fan !! Let us take a look and make sure your video needs are being met with your current hardware configuration.

Optical Drive not reading CD’s/DVD’s.

Do you have a broken or non-working Optical device or do you just want to add a DVD / CD-RW Combo Drive or Blu-ray drive to your desktop? We have the answer for you !!

System Locking up or Shutting Down.

Is your machine locking up or shutting down for no reason? Many times when a system builds up dust, the fans will lock up. Our technicans will clean out your desktop and make sure all components are functioning correctly.